Monday, July 10, 2006

Pictures of Pouches

These pouches are so much fun to make. They would be even nicer to make if I had a walking foot for my machine! ;o) I used this Lazy Girl Designs pattern.
It is called Perfect Pouches. They are sooo easy to make. I used some 30's repro fabric. These three will be for birthday gifts for Elissa friends.

The top one I will use for some of my smaller embroidery projects. I didn't have enough of the front fabric, so I used some pink for the lining and the back. The smaller one is not as wonky as it looks. The camera must have distorted it.


Tammy said...

Those pouches are so neat! I may have to try my hand at one! Thanks for you comment on my blog! =)

Heather said...


You are welcome! Thanks for commenting on mine! ;o)

Jennifer said...

oooo, those are the cutest little pouches. :)