Sunday, July 06, 2008

An update (FINALLY!)

I'm sure that most of y'all have long since despaired of ever seeing an update on DH, I'm very sorry for the shocking lack of new posts. We do have alot of projects to share though :)

Our biggest project lately was my regency outfit for a dance I attended in IL.
We used Jenny Chancey's Drawstring Elegant Lady's Closet pattern

Here are some pictures of the construction
Like my pattern weights? :D

We, ahem, sewed the sleeves toward the neck.... hehe

My mom made the dress, but I made the shawl, reticule and most of the chemise.

The chemise:
(I was really tired this day, can you tell by the dumb expression on my face?? haha)

The Dress and shawl:

A view of the back:

The Reticule:

Hope you enjoyed seeing a peek into our project :D


P.S. What do y'all think of the new blog design?


The Hungarican Chick said...

Ooooooh, regency wear rules! Too bad you're not in Oregon... I'm the founder of the Oregon Regency society. We're a busy, large group of regency addicts. :::squee:::

Anonymous said...

Oh La La! Well done! What was this for?