Sunday, August 17, 2008

My recent sewing project

I recently finished this skirt. It was my first skirt, and really my first project to do almost completely by myself. My mom helped me with the hem, but I did everything else. I didn't use a pattern, because the fabric was supposed to be a dress, and I didn't measure myself, thinking I knew what size I was, and I had cut it out to small. I didn't want to waste the cute fabric, so I took the four gores from the empire-waisted dress and cut them to fit as a normal skirt.

Here's the finish product, an almost-floorlength skirt (it just brushes the tops of my toes, so it's not quite floorlength ;)


YayaOrchid said...

Saw the skirt over at S&S forum. You did a great job! It turned out very nice, especially since you didn't use a pattern.

Ruth said...

Great job, Elissa! What is your next sewing project? :)

Elissa said...

Thankyou YaYa!

Mrs. S., Thank you! I'm currently working on an apron for an apron swap, but when that's done I have a fifties dress, several shirts, and a few skirts. (and a pair of gauchos, a dress, and couple trillion more things.... hehe)

Persuaded said...

beautiful skirt my dear!

btw, i am persuaded from the sensibility boards:)