Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crochet edged baby blanket

I am back to making these blankets they are so easy and fun to make. I finished this one the other day and I think it found it's way into some one's hope chest! ;o) I crocheted a simple picot edging. I think it matches the Giraffe's horn, or knobs or whatever those things are called! ;o) I am making some to sell in our Etsy shop.



Daniel's Helpmeet said...

I have made baby blankets out of this material! I just love the little giraffes!

Ruth said...

Ah, I like the giraffe fabric! The blanket is so cute, Heather.

Amanda said...

How sweet! I'm at 17 weeks and I'm itching to make baby stuff, this looks like a fun idea.


Heather said...

Sheri,Ruth and Amanda,

Thank you for your sweet comments!

love, Heather