Friday, January 28, 2011

You make me Happy

So I know I promised a post way more than week ago, but then I got sick and didn't feel like doing anything. So here is the promised post, albeit a bit delayed.

I wanted to give you a peek into the newest card in the shop "My Sunshine"

A few days ago, I think it was Wednesday, I was too sick to craft, but after seeing a poster with some of the lyrics to the song "You are my sunshine" in bright sunny yellow, I had the inspiration to make this card. I've been itching to use our adorable new stamp set from PTI called "Scattered Showers" that has an adorable umbrella, so even though I couldn't craft, I grabbed my sketch book and roughly sketched this out.

eek. My umbrella makes me cringe. But give me some slack, I hadn't slept in a while, and I sketched it in about 10 seconds :)

Which a day or so later I cleaned up into this

That is not my normal handwriting, but I knew I wanted something simple and so I printed instead of my cutesy handwriting :)

I finally started to feel a bit better yesterday, so I whipped up this prototype, and while I love it, it wasn't quite shop worthy. I absolutely loved the rounded corners on the word box, So I decided to make the next card with rounded corners.
The Card in Progress. As you can see I'm a rather messy crafter. My scrap paper makes me giggle. A sideways owl silhouette, half- stamped umbrellas and yellow scribbles. :)

So after the sketches and prototype, this is the final result.

I went a little crazy on the clouds, there are certainly more than I intended, but I still love the card. I have another one in the works - the same design, only with a red umbrella with tiny polka dots!

I hope you enjoyed a look into the creative process behind my latest design!

Have an Amazing weekend!


This is an original design and is the property of Delightfulhands Please do not copy this design to sell.


SisterlyLove said...

That is SO sweet! I love it!!


Elissa said...

Thanks Genevieve!! I must say I'm rather partial to it myself! :)