Friday, February 11, 2011

A Few Etsy Finds . . .

Otherwise known as " I think I have an owl obsession. And maybe an obsession for mugs and cups."

Today I wanted to share some of the sweet things I love on etsy....

It's no secret, I love owls...
Gywn is my little owl on my bookshelf with doilies for eyes and wings (she's actually a pin cushion, but Shh, don't tell her!) and Cedric is a terra-cotta and ceramic owl on my bed (he is really a garden decoration, but I couldn't bear to banish him outside). :)

I am completely obsessed with Woolcrazy's *adorable* fuzzy creations. I first fell in love with Sparkle her little white owl, about a year or so ago, but Jelly Bean is my new love.... I mean, a fuzzy pale green owl holding a heart? What is not to love?!
oh if I only had the spending money!!

I also love love love mugs and cups, my mugs and cups fill my bedroom and pretty much every dish cabinet in our home. This is probably because I am a voracious drinker of both coffee and tea. Sometimes both in the same day.
Here are just a few of my favorites from around etsy

How cute is this? A teacup on a mug, perfection!
by mollyhatch

*Squeal* This is SOO cute. I absolutely adore this cup, I think I've mentioned owls before. An owl mug? and Purple? I want this so bad! :D
By ArtHausCeramics

(And look at the blue one, oooh so cute! )

This is the cutest purse ever, definitely going on my birthday list this year

Another thing I really want, I adore these earrings, so sweet and simple and feminine. I need to get more pink in my wardrobe. Alysabeths shop is so lovely, I've shopped with her before and she is so sweet!

Ha, you thought I was done with owls didn't you? Nope. :)
I absolutely love these teensy tiny owls from SongandBranch

One last for today, (though certainly not least!) I must share these absolutely adorable fabric reusable stickers from lovemaestore
I love all things tea-themed - how could I not fall in love with these sweet fabric stickers? My mom and I host many tea parties, I would just love to make a tea-planning journal using these!!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed looking at my "finds"! Do be sure to stop by their lovely shops!

Have a lovely weekend!

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