Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Planner

About a week ago mom made herself a delightful Christmas Planner for herself based on this lovely tutorial by Dawn McVey at her blog
She punched the holes wrong at first, so she doesn't think hers is picture worthy, but maybe she'll let me sneak it one little picture of it! :) I decided I wanted to be more organized this year - the last week before Christmas usually finds me scrambling to buy or make all my Christmas gifts, so I made one for myself, with the help of my lovely mother.

I have three dividing sections in mine - gifts, shopping lists, and a list of people I need to send out my Christmas cards to. Mom's has these sections as well as a misc. section, a baking list, and a cute envelope to keep her receipts safe.

The front cover

Gifts - I absolutely loved making this one, with all the cute gift boxes and phrases, and best of all polka dots! :)

Shopping lists... I just thought the 5 cent candy canes was perfect, since my planner is candy themed :)

And finally the Christmas card section! I love little little red reindeer, isn't he so sweet?

I'm not sure where the candy cane paper came from, but I believe it was hobby lobby. The pages between the dividers are printing paper, and the rest of the papers and stamps and the dies I used to cut some of the shapes are from

I hope you enjoyed a look at my recent project! It really came in handy this weekend as I planned out my gifts and when mom and I went on a big Christmas shopping trip yesterday. It's helped me get organized, and I have way more acomplished this year than I ever have at this point. I have all but one gift bought, and all I have left are the handmade gifts, which are actually the bulk of my gifts this year, especially for my friends.

Since I do have so many handmade gifts left to finish it might be a week or so until my next post, but I hope you enjoy the posts that are up right now.

If you love this planner but don't want to make one, I am accepting custom orders for these until the beginning of December. If you would like to order one, you can leave a comment here, or more preferably send me a conversation (convo) on etsy. You can do this by going to and click "contact" on the lefthand side of the page.

Have a lovely week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Clare said...

What a lovely idea. I always need to plan ,plan, plan..