Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Etsy Christmas!

Okay, this isn't the Christmas project post I promised, but that is coming. I promise!

I wanted to share something with y'all that no one else has seen and will not be displayed in the shop until Thanksgiving day! My new shop header/banner! I would really like your feedback on this... thought and suggestions please! :)
I designed this a few days ago, and all the graphics - snowflakes, snow and penguin are my own original designs. My graphics program is ancient and isn't handling text so well anymore, so I used to do the text. They have such fun fonts anyway, much better than the ones I have, so I'm quite pleased. The transfer from picnik to my computer did leave a lot to be desired, as it has compressed the quality, but overall I am quite pleased with the finished product.
This is the one that will be up in the shop before and during my black Friday Sale (10% off everything in the shop!)

And this is the one that will be up through the rest of the year and possibly January.

So, if you have anything thoughts, leave a comment!

I also wanted to share some adorable Christmas items from my favorites and from a friend's shop
If you are looking for beautiful handmade Christmas items or gifts, etsy is a great place to go!

Pretty Wit is a shop shared by a lovely group of sisters, and their shop is so fun, whimsical and colorful, and just love to sit and browse. You can their shop's blog right here:

Isn't this lacy stocking adorable? Too cute! I sure wish I had an excuse to buy a stocking!
Doily Snowflake Christmas Stocking by PrettyWit

And this lovely bracelet has been on my wishlist for a very long time... as you can see, it's even the colors of this blog and our shop! :) (Girls if you see that I just recently hearted it, it's actually been in my favorites for a long long time, but I un and re hearted so it would be nearer the front, and maybe my mom will get a "hint hint" :D)
Free Shipping Cherry Blues Bracelet by Pretty Wit

And just one more from these pretty ladies. Isn't it adorable?
I heart Christmas Patchwork Ornament by Prettywit

I would also like to share this adorable bunting from heidiadnum. She has a lovely shop filled with beautiful photography and bunting! You can view her shop here:
Isn't the name of the bunting adorable? Too cute! I would love to hang this on my window, which currently is curtainless. It would be so cute hanging there, with my little tree that will be sitting under the window.

Candy Cane Christmas Handmade Good Will Bunting by Heidiadnum

One last thing I wanted to share was the treasury I made last night. I bought an adorable christmas mug for my ever growing collection yesterday, the colors are red and green and aqua and pink and it has sweet wintry and christmasy words and phrases all over it.... it was so pretty I made this treasury inspired by it. Enjoy!

Eggnog and Misteltoe

Well, that's all for now.

Right now I'm downloading pictures of my project that I'll be sharing, and I should have that post up tomorrow.



SisterlyLove said...

What an awesome post! Thank you SO much including our items. You are so sweet. :) I love that candy cane bunting too.

Yes, your banner is super cute! I love the little penguin and the wording is great. I love it so.

And I know I sound like I'm gushing but I adore that treasury. It NEEDS to be on the front page.

Looking forward to another Christmas post!

heidi adnum said...

Love these picks, Elissa! Thank you for including my bunting.